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META~Group Testimonials 

Dear Rev. Roxie... here are my thoughts about my Meta~Group experience:

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the other participants in such an emotionally safe environment of our Meta-Book Study Group.  The reading/discussion was re-inforced by the spiritual connection.  It all made sense.  Thank you!

 ...Nancy, San Diego

The sharing helps us come together as community. I enjoyed hearing other perspectives and discovering similarities. Our community service opportunity was heart-warming.  The spiritual discussion highlighted our oneness and connection.

...Donna, Lakeside

I most enjoyed the companionship on a regular basis. More structure or an agenda would have made it flow better.  I'm not sure how these groups support Shiloh.

...Red, South of the Border

FYI:  Shiloh Spiritual Center sponsors and supports the Meta-Groups to encourage greater community connection. Attending Shiloh activities is optional and separate from Meta-Group participation, other than to share their Meta-Group testimonial with others who have also participated or may be interested in participating in a group.  Rev. Roxie             

We had a lot of laughs as well as poignant moments in our group. Spending face-time with people is a gift that allows each person to bring their unique qualities into the group setting.  The talk was more personal and heart-felt,  filled with compassion and bonding.

...Cindy (host), San Diego

The discussions were enjoyable and thought-provoking and allowed the group dynamics to be more sympatico. In fostering this connection, there was a realization that all activities and undertakings are best served with a more spiritual (compassionate) perspective toward life.

...Cherryl, San Diego

As the Meta-Group sponsor, I was observing the process and taking mental notes about what was working and what could be modified. As a Meta-Group host, I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion free from the need to "teach"... because we all respectfully and empathically engaged in the process. Everyone had something to share and something to offer.

...Rev. Roxie, San Diego